The Eridanus Transmissions v1.1 update

There is patch v1.1 available for the Eridanus Transmissions!
download it here: The Eridanus Transmissions v1-1 Patch


  • complete redesign of the GUI
  • extended some of the instruments note ranges … because why not!
  • fixed some timing issues with the temposynched loops
  • raised the polyphony on the multisampled instruments

install instructions:

To preserve your previous patches and not messing up the projects you have worked on, I suggest that you simply copy the entire “The Eridanus Transmissions” folder and rename it to e.g. “The Eridanus Transmissions v1.1”

then inside this copied folder “The Eridanus Transmissions v1.1”:
– replace the old folder “Instruments” with the new “Instruments folder
– replace the old folder “Resources” with the new one
– replace the .nkc and the .nkr file with the new ones

Please make sure that those folders really get REPLACED! Do NOT mix up anything from the new with the old folders!


  • BadA&$ Gu!t@rS


    The String THeories team landed in a very sinister and hidden sector full of pirates and scoundrels! The stay wasn’t a pleasure but the loot on audible signals was precious!

    We present you: BadA&$ Gu!t@rS!

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  • Lost Remnants


    some signals seem to travel the universe forever and have never been received or heard … until today!

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  • Muted Strokes


    Here is Muted Strokes to spice up your tracks!

    In case you need something to thicken up your trailer tracks or pour a few accents on your percussive lines! This little but powerful instrument comes with 2x 19(!) round robin samples!

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  • Osmium Clouds


    To make it short: Osmium Clouds is a heavy guitar riff focused library, while each lick has been not just recorded twice but four times!

    “Hey did you double that guitar riff already?” … “No, I quadrupled it!”

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  • Polyvoc Station

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    far out … in a distant and forgotten orbit around Jupiter … an old russian remnant from the past … “The Polyvoc Station”

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  • Quantum Fluctuations


    Strange pulsing signal have been received during our travels … we were able to decrypt and record them into what we call “Quantum Fluctuations”. This release is all about pulsating and driving percussive synth loops. No matter if you are working on underscore or soundtracks. “Quantum Fluctuations” will spice up your track!

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  • SOL

    Rated 4.50 out of 5

    just like everything in our solar system revolves around the sun, in “SOL” everything revolves around a musical key!

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  • The Eridanus Transmissions

    Rated 4.50 out of 5

    In the year 2018 we discovered a gateway, enabling us to travel to all kinds of places within the observable universe!

    However, we never knew where we would end up traveling to, because it was not possible to set specific destinations … and from all the recorded data being collected on these breathtaking and mysterious locations, it was only possible to successfully keep and bring the audible signals back to earth!

    The organization “String THeories” was founded to travel the universe to recover, preserve and distribute this knowledge for future generations!

    The first mission brought us into the depths of the constellation of Eridanus …

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  • The Pyxis Resonations

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    The Pyxis Resonations is a Kontakt (5.80) driven library and contains 36 patches of dreamy, mysterious, lost and hopeful guitar chord pads which do not fade out! They seem to go on forever, … just like space does!

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