The Eridanus Transmissions v1.1 update

There is patch v1.1 available for the Eridanus Transmissions!
download it here: The Eridanus Transmissions v1-1 Patch


  • complete redesign of the GUI
  • extended some of the instruments note ranges … because why not!
  • fixed some timing issues with the temposynched loops
  • raised the polyphony on the multisampled instruments

install instructions:

To preserve your previous patches and not messing up the projects you have worked on, I suggest that you simply copy the entire “The Eridanus Transmissions” folder and rename it to e.g. “The Eridanus Transmissions v1.1”

then inside this copied folder “The Eridanus Transmissions v1.1”:
– replace the old folder “Instruments” with the new “Instruments folder
– replace the old folder “Resources” with the new one
– replace the .nkc and the .nkr file with the new ones

Please make sure that those folders really get REPLACED! Do NOT mix up anything from the new with the old folders!


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