The Eridanus Transmissions SE


this is the Sonic Extractions (SE) version of the original “The Eridanus Transmission library!
It ONLY contains the audio files as listed in the description!

The Eridanus Transmissions SE contains:

– Low Frequency Data – 25x Low Drones
– High Frequency Data – 25x High Drones
– Beta Eridani Voice Signals – 10x Voice/Choir-like Drones
– Exoplanet Archives – 25x processed Drones
– Magnetar Radio Emissions – 5x super-crazy processed Drones
– Supernova Remnants – 10x sort of crazy processed Drones
– Extracted Low Frequency Data – 25x Low Pulses at 70BPM
– Extracted High Frequency Data – 25x High Pulses at 70BPM
– Supervoid Echoes – several designed soft and distant hits

– all samples are recorded in 24bit, 44.1 KHz
– library size: 1,7 GB


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