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In the year 2018 we discovered a gateway, enabling us to travel to all kinds of places within the observable universe!

However, we never knew where we would end up traveling to, because it was not possible to set specific destinations … and from all the recorded data being collected on these breathtaking and mysterious locations, it was only possible to successfully keep and bring the audible signals back to earth!

The organization “String THeories” was founded to travel the universe to recover, preserve and distribute this knowledge for future generations!

The first mission brought us into the depths of the constellation of Eridanus …

The Eridanus Transmissions is a NI Kontakt driven library and consists of:

– Low Frequency Data – 25x Low Drones
– High Frequency Data – 25x High Drones
– Beta Eridani Voice Signals – 10x Voice/Choir-like Drones
– Exoplanet Archives – 25x processed Drones
– Magnetar Radio Emissions – 5x super-crazy processed Drones
– Supernova Remnants – 10x sort of crazy processed Drones
– Extracted Low Frequency Data – 25x Low Pulses
– Extracted High Frequency Data – 25x High Pulses
– Harmonic Photons – 4x designed multisample instruments
– Harmonic Neutrons – 2x designed multisample instruments
– Harmonic Bosons – 2x designed multisample instruments
– Harmonic Gravitons – 2x designed multisample instruments
– Supervoid Echoes – several designed soft and distant hits

– all samples are recorded in 24bit, 44.1 KHz
– library size: 2,2 GB
– you have full access to the .wav loops
– to run the Kontakt programs you need Kontakt 5.8

The Big Knob to the right is controlling the cutoff filter and connected to CC01 (Modwheel), the Small Knob to the upper left of the Big Knob is controlling the attack curve and the Knob below is controlling the release curve! That’s it, enjoy! 🙂

patchfiles from 1.0 to v1.1 (you will only need this if you purchased The Eridanus Transmissions BEFORE the 18th of Sept, 2018:
The Eridanus Transmissions v1-1 Patch

installation manual for the 1.1 patch:

To preserve your previous patches and not messing up the projects you have worked on, I suggest that you simply copy the entire “The Eridanus Transmissions” folder and rename it to e.g. “The Eridanus Transmissions v1.1”

then inside this copied folder “The Eridanus Transmissions v1.1”:
– replace the old folder “Instruments” with the new “Instruments” folder
– replace the old folder “Resources” with the new one
– replace the .nkc and the .nkr file with the new ones

Please make sure that those folders really get REPLACED! Do NOT mix up anything from the new with the old folders!

2 reviews for The Eridanus Transmissions

  1. Thomas Haenggi (verified owner)

  2. Andreas K. (verified owner)

    Great drones, simple but good looking gui. Excellent for space ambient.

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